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Mental incapacity leaves elderly or disabled people vulnerable to being taken advantage of by amoral relatives, scammers, and anyone else interested in manipulating them for their own gain. A conservatorship or guardianship, therefore, might be sought in probate court when an individual is no longer capable of making financial or health care decisions due to incapacity. These two valuable estate planning tools help to extend protection for a person’s estate.

Guardianships can also be created to protect the financial and legal interests of a minor. In those situations, the individual may require the protection of a court-appointed conservator and/or guardian, who then has the authority to manage the minor’s affairs.

At the Klein Law Firm, P.C., our conservatorship & guardianship lawyers are experienced in seeking and obtaining the appointment of a conservator and/or guardian in situations when this is appropriate in Denver, Colorado. Our exceptional legal services also extend to representing the conservator and/or guardian throughout the process.

Creating A Conservatorship Or Guardianship

Adult conservatorships are typically created when a court-approved agent is needed to manage someone’s financial affairs. Before appointing a conservator, the court will look at evidence that indicates the person in question is no longer capable of ordering and regulating their own affairs, often due to illness, age, or decreased mental capacity. Psychiatrists, geriatric specialists, and other medical professionals might be consulted when determining medical cause for a conservatorship.

Because guardianships usually concern minors, the court often appoints adult guardians in cases involving trust funds. The guardianship might end once the minor reaches a certain age and is capable of managing their own financial affairs.

The Highest Standard of Professional Conservatorship And Guardianship Care In Denver, CO

Our expert conservatorship attorney at Klein Law Firm, P.C., will work closely with you to discuss your legal options, prepare your documentation, and petition the court to create a conservatorship or guardianship. We take a personalized approach to each client’s needs and goals, ensuring they end up with strategies that make sense for them, their families, and their businesses. Our goal is to give our clients peace of mind that comes from knowing they have skilled counsel working to protect their assets.

Our lawyers will meet with you and evaluate your unique situation in order to create a comprehensive plan to protect your family. We regularly consult with a team of experienced financial planners, tax experts, and accountants when needed to determine the best way to protect the assets of our clients’ estates. Once a court-appointed conservator or guardian steps in, we extend our services to help the ward in question file their annual financial account.

We are Klein Law Firm, your experienced, responsive, cost-effective, diligent, and dedicated legal team who can look after all of your estate planning needs, including conservatorship and guardianship. Most importantly though, we treat your family like we would treat our own.

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