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While it is possible to try to set up an estate plan without an attorney, it is unlikely to work as expected or hoped. In part, this is because there are certain questions that most people would never stop to think about had an experienced professional not asked them. For anyone who doesn’t think about estate planning matters on a daily basis, it can be very challenging to navigate the process of creating an estate plan. By hiring a professional, there will be no question as to whether everything was done properly.

What Are Some Potential Pitfalls When Someone Tries To Create Their Own Estate Plan?

Failing to create a proper estate plan by trying to complete it without the assistance of an attorney can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigation costs. In addition, most people who work without an attorney will remain unaware of certain planning options that could help them greatly. For example, rather than disinheriting a disabled family member for fear of rendering them ineligible to continue receiving government assistance, an individual has the option of creating a special needs trust. When working without experienced legal counsel, there is only a small chance that the individual’s wishes will be followed after their death.

What Sets You And Your Firm apart In Handling Estate Planning Matters?

I operate as a solo practitioner and don’t take on as many clients as a large firm, which means I am able to be highly responsive to each and every client. I take the time to make sure that what we’re doing is appropriate for the individual. Unlike many attorneys who choose one practice area or the other, I have experience both as a probate court practitioner and an estate planning attorney. As a result, I am familiar with all available techniques, I know what to encounter in probate court, and I am aware of issues that many probate litigators don’t understand, such as tax and special needs planning.

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